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Okara district is located in the heart of Punjab province. It's consist of 4,377 km2 (1,690 sq mi) and has three Tehsils

  • Okara
  • Depalpur
  • Renala Khurd

Okara District is famous for its fertile lands, peaceful natural environment and green fields of Rice, Wheat, Potato, Tomato, Sugarcane and maize crops. Oranges and Mangoes orchards are common. The area of district Okara is the gold mine for history seekers, spiritual and curious travelers

There is a central ridge, in the centre of Okara District, which marks the old river bed of the Beas, and the boundary between the eastern and western half of the district. The ridge descends from Kasur, all the way to Chunian, and then Shergarh in Okara. As you go west of the ridge, into Okara & Renala Khurd, the subsoil water is brackish; therefore the area is dependent on canals for irrigation. However, after you cross the ridge east into Depalpur Tehsils, the subsoil water is sweet and good for agriculture.

Other produce grown locally includes the outputs of lemon, guava & grapefruit orchards, belonging to the food processing company, Mitchell's Fruit Farms Limited. The orchard runs for about 6 miles, along with the LBDC, from Renala Khurd all the way up to the Okara bypass.